“As a new business owner, I knew how I wanted to operate, but was unsure of the tax and legal obligations that would be relevant to my business.

Having discussed my business plan with Martin, we talked about the pros and cons of a partnership and limited company, and decided on the structure which suited my business, lifestyle, and long-term plans.

The use of Xero makes it easy to keep on top of how the business is performing.

We have already discussed VAT schemes and which will be most suitable, and the implications of the rise in Corporation Tax and changes such as the super-deduction ,and how they can be utilised, are made clear to me.

Having clarity over the financial performance of my business, and knowing tax and accounting obligations are being dealt with, really has reduced stress levels and saved my time to focus on my business.”

Alex, eCommerce business owner, Kent

Martin Cook was extremely helpful with reviewing the R&D tax credits claim prepared on behalf of a client and responded in a full and timely manner. His extensive knowledge of the process and practical approach made the task much easier to complete. I would not hesitate to recommend Martin for future projects and look forward to working with him again.

Nicky Brightling

Excellent service around bookkeeping, VAT, HMRC. They moved my business to vastly more efficient systems than I had and modernised this aspect of my business. Strong communication, excellent advice, sensible pricing and a pleasure to deal with.

Nicholas B

Really helpful, smoothed through the fledgling business tax return stage. Prompt and responsive.

Ben Brown

I wouldn’t have moved onto any software but needed to in order to comply with MTD for VAT. I am very pleased that I made the move from a manual cashbook to Xero as it has been a real benefit to me. Xero is simple to use and allows me to keep everything in one place. I particularly like that I can get up to date running totals due to Xero using real time information. The sales invoicing is easy to use. It allows me to keep all of my customers contact details together and I can email the invoices directly from within Xero. I like that my accountant and bookkeeping support advisor have direct access to my data. If I have made any mistakes or have any queries I know that they can log in and easily correct it for me.

Christine, Rural Business Owner, South East

How did you find the process of migrating to Xero?

It went very smoothly, I didn’t have to do anything. All the necessary data was transferred from my old software to Xero without any issues.

What are the benefits of using Xero?

My financial information is now in real time and allows the accounting to be kept more up to date. I have been able to give consultants direct access so they can login and access data when needed. Copies of my invoices are now all on Xero and I have noticed a reduction in queries from my accountant when preparing the year end accounts. Xero has definitely saved my business time and money.

Nick, Farmer, Kent

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