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Are paper invoices and manual bookkeeping holding you back?

Most business owners will have felt out of control at some point, I know I have.

A backlog of paper and electronic invoices has been causing a client a lot of stress, creating a feeling as though they  are not on top of their business, which has been impacting all aspects of their life.

We have:

  • set them up on Xero (cloud accounting software) and Dext (automating invoice entry)
  • set up automated bank feeds in Xero (links directly to their bank and pulls all transactions in on a daily basis)
  • processed the backlog of invoices through Dext (saving significant input time)
  • contacted suppliers to get electronic invoices sent straight to Dext (no more missing invoices or manual input)
  • set up a weekly payment run (allowing the client to approve and make payments quickly)

This is not only freeing up a few hours of their time a week, but removing the stress and uncertainty it was causing, allowing them to focus on the day to day running of their business.

If you would like to discuss the benefits that a move to cloud accounting can bring to your business, call us on 01227 788086 or email us at, for a free, no obligation conversation.

You can also download our guide to Xero, or read more about our Xero migration service.