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Book of The Month – $100m Offers

I love reading, I always have done.

I have two items from my early childhood.

One is a brown bear teddy, given to me by my parents when I was one, and my first book of fiction.

The book is ‘Martin The Warrior’, by Brian Jacques – obviously my life went down a slightly different path.

My horizons have broadened as I have got older, and while I still enjoy a good novel, I am always looking for books that can help me develop, both in my business and as a person.

My wife is always pointing out how many books arrive, usually on a weekly basis, but whenever I see a book recommended,  I inevitably purchase it to add to my list.

Video and audio are very popular these days, but reading a physical book has always been a key part of learning for me. 

I thought it may be of interest to cover one of these books each month, and provide a brief summary of my key takeaways and how I think others could benefit from reading it.

These might be business books, self-development, and maybe even the odd accountancy/tax related book – I promise to keep those to a minimum though.

Alex Hormozi – $100m Offers

With January being so busy, I haven’t read as many books as I usually do, but this one by Alex Hormozi really stood out.

If you’re like me, you have likely not heard of Alex before.  I had seen his name via social media, but I had no clue who he was or what he did.

Having seen his book recommended on LinkedIn, I decided to give it a read.

He started off selling fitness plans, and along with his wife, Leila, has gone onto having a wide portfolio of business interests which generate nine figure sums.


Ever since we established Roake & Cook Limited, marketing has been a struggle for me.

As an accountant, marketing and sales does not come naturally to me.

I know what we do, and that we do it very well, but how to get that in-front of potential clients has been (and continues to be) a challenge.

What Alex’s book does, is focus on creating a great offer. The premise being, a prospect would feel silly to turn it down, because the offer is so good.

‘The reason people buy anything is to get a deal…they want more value than they are exchanging in price’.

This really struck home with me.

It doesn’t matter how good we know our service is, if we cannot show that to a prospect and identify the value they are receiving from it.

I have to point out that our marketing has not suddenly transformed.

It’s January and my ‘to do’ list is as long as my arm!

What I do have is several pages of notes to process and start to implement in February.

Who should read it?

For anyone who is struggling to identify a market, or create a great offer on their product or service, I would highly recommend giving Alex’s book (and his second) a read.

He does a great job of keeping his advice clear and simple.

When you read it, it sounds really obvious, but the idea of creating and showing ‘value’ is something I’m sure many struggle to get their head around – I know I do.

I have recently moved onto his second book, which focuses more on leads. I’m sure my list of notes is going to grow beyond two pages!

Check them out and feel free to contact us on LinkedIn or Instagram, to let us know whether you enjoyed them.