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Do you embrace or fear automation?

In this day and age, with smart phones and tablets, self-driving vehicles, and talking fridges, many still shy away from cloud software and the benefits it brings.

People’s objections generally focus around one (or several) of the following:

  • too complex
  • poor internet
  • security fears

All valid concerns, but all easily dealt with.

Xero is one of the most straightforward bits of software I have ever used. The design is very clear and clean, it really is easy to use.

Download our guide to Xero here.

In this day and age, there are very few places where the internet is bad enough for this to be a concern. Broadband rollouts, 4/5G, and satellite offerings are all helping connect business owners.

Your data is very secure in the cloud. With secure passwords and multi-factor authentication, your data is secure in the cloud.

I really would encourage all business owners to consider cloud based bookkeeping software.

It offers so many advantages over desktop based alternatives.

Roake & Cook specialise in working with cloud accounting software. If you are concerned about your business’s finances, or would like to speak about embracing automation more, contact us.

We can offer a range of accounting services, including bookkeeping, year end accounts preparation, and tax advice. We are also Xero software specialists, and we are particularly proficient with our Xero migration service.